305 Mavic Mini, First Look斗牛棋牌app排行首页

The new Mavic Mini is so light that FAA registration is not required. Meanwhile, the US Department of the Interior has grounded Chinese drones, additional sensitive facilities have been added to the no-fly list, Uber Eats unveiled a delivery drone, a Navy submarine was resupplied by a drone, a white paper looks at drones at live broadcast events, and an airport welcomes drones – for facilities inspections.

Mavic Mini
The Mavic Mini, Courtesy DJI.


The Mavic Mini is DJI’s first drone that doesn’t need FAA registration斗牛棋牌app排行线路网址斗牛棋牌app排行线路网址

DJI says the new Mavic Mini is the smallest and lightest drone they have ever made. The “everyday flycam” weighs 249 grams, one gram under the threshold for FAA registration. With folding legs, creative shooting modes, automatic return to home, and up to 30 minutes flight time, the Mavic Mini shoots 1080p video at up to 60 frames per second from a three-axis gimbal. The quadcopter is available for preorder and will ship on November 11, 2019.

Entire drone fleet grounded by US government agency斗牛棋牌app排行手机注册斗牛棋牌app排行网址检测

The US Department of the Interior has grounded drones made in China, or that use Chinese parts. The Department has initiated a security investigation and depending on the results, the Department may resume drone flights. The Department of the Interior uses drones to inspect dams, inspect land, monitor environmental damage and endangered species, and aid emergency workers with wildfires, floods, and other natural disasters. The agency is concerned the drones could transmit images and video to China about key installations.

UAS Operations Restricted At More Federal Facilities斗牛棋牌app排行二维码ios斗牛棋牌app排行娱乐官方

The FAA is restricting UAS operations over 60 additional Department of Defense and Department of Justice facilities. An FAA Notice to Airmen (NOTAM), FDC 9/7752, defines these special security instructions and the FAA UAS Data Delivery System has the restrictions, including a list of restrictions (National Security UAS Flight Restrictions) and a map of the restrictions (Map of FAA UAS Data). The FAA’s B4UFLY mobile app will also include the restrictions.

Here’s what the Uber Eats delivery drone looks like斗牛棋牌app排行官方斗牛棋牌app排行手机安卓

Uber has unveiled the Uber Eats VTOL delivery drone with two rotating wings, each with three rotors. The maximum flight time is eight minutes over a 12-mile round trip delivery range. Uber doesn’t plan restaurant-to-doorstep delivery. Rather orders will be flown to predetermined drop-off locations and an Eats driver will make the “last-mile” delivery.

First Navy Submarine Resupplied By Commercial Drone斗牛棋牌app排行网址检测斗牛棋牌app排行下载地址

A small quadcopter resupplied the USS Hawaii (SSN 776), a fast attack submarine, one mile off Oahu, Hawaii. The 5-pound payload in this test included circuit cards, medical supplies, and food.

White Paper: Rethinking Drone Usage on Live Broadcasts斗牛棋牌app排行登录平台斗牛棋牌app排行网址检测

Drone use in live sports broadcasts hasn’t been as successful as some had hoped. Issues include the safety of spectators and athletes, the noise of drones, short flight times, and the need for immediate response during live broadcasts. The author explains why live motorsports may be a good application.

Drone collects runway maintenance data at Edmonton airport斗牛棋牌app排行登录地址斗牛棋牌app排行地址二维码

At Edmonton International Airport, drones are becoming a regular part of safety inspections of runways, taxiways, and aircraft handling aprons. Canadian UAV services provider AERIUM Analytics has conducted about 3,000 drone flights at the airport over the past four years.

304 UAS Flight Demonstrations斗牛棋牌app排行

Several UAS flight demonstrations are in the news: the Boeing MQ-25 unmanned aerial refueler, a microturbine propulsion system, and a high altitude pseudo-satellite. Also, counter-drone tech from both the Secret Service and Raytheon, and drones that study dust devils.


Boeing shows capability of unmanned aircraft refueler斗牛棋牌app排行官方首页斗牛棋牌app排行首页

The MQ-25 unmanned aerial refueler has been demonstrated through an autonomous taxi and takeoff, followed by a flight over a pre-determined route. Boeing test pilots directed the flight from a ground control station, validating basic flight functions and operations. The intended mission is a carrier-based unmanned aerial refueling aircraft for the U.S. Navy.

UAV Turbines Unveils Microturbine Propulsion System for Drones斗牛棋牌app排行官方斗牛棋牌app排行线路网址

UAV Turbines announced the first flight of their Monarch Microturbine engine at Griffiss International Airport in Rome, NY. Two successful test flights were conducted with what the company calls the turboprop a “microturbine propulsion system.” Intended for mid-sized commercial and military drones, the small gas turbine engine produces about 20 HP.

Video: 斗牛棋牌app排行官方

Solar drone makes historic flight斗牛棋牌app排行网址检测斗牛棋牌app排行首页

AeroVironment Inc. announced the successful first flight of the HAWK30 high altitude pseudo-satellite UAS, The flight occurred on September 11, 2019, at the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center in California. The 260-foot wingspan HAWK30 is powered by 10 electric motors and solar panels cover the surface of the wing. The aircraft is designed for continuous operation for months at a time at an altitude of approximately 65,000 feet. HAPSMobile Inc. is a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp and minority-owned by AeroVironment, Inc.

Secret Service testing counter-drone tech at U.N. General Assembly斗牛棋牌app排行官方首页斗牛棋牌app排行地址二维码

The Secret Service is piloting counter-unmanned aircraft systems or C-UAS technology at the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York City. The Secret Service is employing radio frequency (RF) detection, radar imagery, and electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) cameras to identify objects flying in the area and differentiate drones from birds and flying debris.

Raytheon developing advanced high-power microwave system for USAF deployment to counter enemy drones斗牛棋牌app排行客户端注册斗牛棋牌app排行下载地址

Under a U.S. Air Force contract, Raytheon Company will deliver a prototype high-power microwave (HPM) system that troops would use it to destroy hostile drones. The HPM system uses directed energy to take down drones. The HPM beam is wide so it could disable multiple targets at one time. Under another UASF contract, Raytheon will build two prototype high-energy laser (HEL) systems. Both systems are designed to be deployed overseas and can be used independently or used together to counter UAS threats.

Raytheon video: 斗牛棋牌app排行客户端app

Scientists use drones to probe earthly dust devils, with an eye toward Mars斗牛棋牌app排行登录平台斗牛棋牌app排行官方首页

The Boise State Dust Devil Collaboration has been flying drones through dust devils to better understand the phenomena on Earth and on Mars. Scientific models of dust devils don’t align with what occurs in nature. The drones carry cameras, pressure sensors, and temperature loggers. They measure the structures of the dust devil and take particle samples.


Drone camera captures magpie swooping at it斗牛棋牌app排行首页官方

303 Ehang Autonomous Aerial Vehicle斗牛棋牌app排行客户端注册

EHang is flying its urban air mobility vehicle contender. Remote identification of drones is moving forward. Also, using drones to measure methane emissions, find standing water where mosquitoes breed, assess hurricane damage, explore Titan, and plant trees.


EHang completes first passenger-carrying autonomous aerial vehicle demonstration flight斗牛棋牌app排行平台ios斗牛棋牌app排行娱乐官方

The EHang 216 passenger-carrying autonomous aerial vehicle (or AAV) was flown at the 2019 Northeast Asia Expo in August. Ehang has been demonstrating the aircraft at several cities in China as well as in Austria, the Netherlands, and Qatar. Ehang says, “This is a critical step towards making our dream [a] reality and to make urban air mobility broadly available and affordable as a safe, fast, and eco-friendly transportation alternative.”

Video: EHang AAV Trial Flights Across Cities in China斗牛棋牌app排行榜

Electronic License Plates for Drones May Come Soon斗牛棋牌app排行下载地址斗牛棋牌app排行线路网址

A draft of the proposed ASTM standard for electronic identification of drones is available as ASTM WK65041, “New Specification for UAS Remote ID and Tracking.” During operation, a drone would transmit a unique ID, location, and vector. The chairman of ASTM International’s Committee F38 on Unmanned Aircraft Systems said, “You can just take a phone, point it up at a drone and get its electronic ID if you see it doing something dangerous. [And you can report it] just like reporting a car’s license plate number.” Old drones can be retrofitted with ID chips that would plug into their USB ports and might cost $7 to $12.

BP deploys continuous methane measurement for new major oil and gas projects斗牛棋牌app排行客户端软件斗牛棋牌app排行登录平台

BP said it is going to monitor its methane emissions around the world using a technology called gas cloud imaging and drones. Inspections would take 30 minutes instead of seven days. The sensor technology was originally designed by NASA for the Mars Curiosity Rover. This is a key part of BP’s strategy to deploy a suite of complementary methane detecting techniques across new and existing facilities.

Anthropology professor deploys drone to fight disease in Africa斗牛棋牌app排行检测官方斗牛棋牌app排行二维码ios

Mosquitoes are the main transmitters of malaria, and they breed in standing water. Agricultural irrigation can create standing water which is difficult to detect with satellite imagery. In the East African nation of Malawi, Professor Jon Carroll and other researchers from Oakland University spent nine days collecting data on the effectiveness of drone imagery to detect standing water.

AIRT uses UAS to perform damage assessment operations in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian斗牛棋牌app排行平台ios斗牛棋牌app排行平台ios

Two organizations have formed a joint-reconnaissance team to survey the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian: the Airborne International Response Team (AIRT) and the Southeast Florida Region 7 All-Hazards Incident Management Team (SEFL-R7 AHIMT). Disaster scenes were mapped by UAS with high-resolution camera systems.

Meet The Nuclear-Powered Self-Driving Drone NASA Is Sending To A Moon Of Saturn斗牛棋牌app排行客户端app斗牛棋牌app排行登录平台

The Dragonfly is a dual-rotor quadcopter, about the size of a compact car, autonomous, and nuclear powered. Expected to launch from Earth in 2026 and arrive on Titan in 2034, Dragonfly will explore Titan’s dunes, mountains, gullies, and rivers and lakes of liquid methane.

NASA Video: 斗牛棋牌app排行客户端app.

Middle East drones signal end to era of fast jet air supremacy斗牛棋牌app排行地址客户端斗牛棋牌app排行官方首页

Air superiority has been key to winning wars since airplanes were invented. But compared to the world’s major air forces, drones are small, low cost, and they don’t put a pilot into the war-zone.

This startup lets you subscribe to support an army of drones that’s planting millions of trees斗牛棋牌app排行线路网址斗牛棋牌app排行登录平台

A new startup called Now wants to “mobilize humanity to reverse the climate crisis.” The organization was created by 19-year-old activist and musical artist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez who says that if a trillion trees are planted, they could capture two-thirds of the carbon that humans have emitted since the industrial revolution. The subscription concept of Now would fund planting trees with drones. See also 19-Year-Old Xiuhtezcatl Martinez Isn’t Waiting For Permission to Solve the Climate Crisis: “The Time Is NOW.”


Commercial UAV Expo Americas 2019斗牛棋牌app排行官方, October 28-30, 2019 in Las Vegas. Video: Commercial UAV Expo 2018 in a minute.

302 Drones for Border Protection斗牛棋牌app排行客户端注册

US Customs and Border Protection plans to test drones that provide agents with situational awareness. Also, a modular hydrogen fuel cell UAV platform, a UAS Traffic Management Pilot Program concludes, FPV drones that use your phone for video, a traffic control drone in China, a new all-electric helicopter UAS, and a test that teams manned and unmanned aircraft and munitions.


UAVs Recruited for Border Detection斗牛棋牌app排行客户端app斗牛棋牌app排行检测官方

US Customs and Border Protection has been working with the Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate to build and test small drones. Planck Aerosystems will be granted $200,000 to test its prototype in operational environments over the next three to six months. The autonomous small UAV will launch from and land on the bed of a moving vehicle, provide fully autonomous navigation, have advanced computer vision capability, and include customized communications interfaces.

ISS Aerospace Launches Sensus Hydrogen Fuel Cell UAV with AMS Cylinders斗牛棋牌app排行斗牛棋牌app排行地址客户端

ISS Aerospace has developed the Sensus, a modular hydrogen fuel cell UAV platform. It includes an ultra-lightweight, carbon composite gas cylinder from AMS Composite Cylinders and the air-cooled hydrogen fuel cell module was developed by Intelligent Energy.

Video: Fuel cell power for UAVs

FAA, Nasa and UAS partners conclude pilot programme斗牛棋牌app排行娱乐官方斗牛棋牌app排行客户端软件

This portion of the UAS Traffic Management Pilot Program sought to test safe drone operations beyond visual line of sight at less than 400 feet altitude. Technology tests and evaluation included flight planning, communications, aircraft separation, and weather services for drones. Also, connections to FAA flight management servers and LAANC services (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability). Based on the results, the FAA will form the UTM regulatory framework.

See also,斗牛棋牌app排行登录地址Unmanned Traffic Management Pilot Program: FAA Drone Flight Testing Lands First Milestone.

10 of the most popular FPV drones on Amazon this fall斗牛棋牌app排行客户端app斗牛棋牌app排行二维码ios

This is a list of FPV drones that use your phone for the video.

Police Drone Caught Barking Orders at Chinese Driver斗牛棋牌app排行平台ios斗牛棋牌app排行

In this video from China, a police drone sees a group of scooters stopped at a traffic light and one of the riders isn’t wearing his helmet. The drone has a loudspeaker and can be heard ordering the man to put his helmet on, which he does.

Video: Traffic officer in China uses drones to give orders from above.

AeroVironment Unveils VAPOR All-Electric Helicopter UAS at DSEI, Adding New and Expanded Mission Capabilities to Its Family of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems斗牛棋牌app排行登录地址斗牛棋牌app排行手机安卓

AeroVironment announced the VAPOR all-electric helicopter UAS, now added to their line of fixed-wing tactical systems. With a GTOW of up to 55 pounds, the copter has a maximum cruise endurance of 60 minutes with a full payload.

Army Night Stalker Chinook Teamed Up With Bomb-Slinging Drone In Complex AI-Enabled Test斗牛棋牌app排行登录平台斗牛棋牌app排行地址二维码

The test integrated an MH-47 Chinook special operations helicopter, an MQ-1C Gray Eagle drone, a Dynetics GBU-69/B glide bomb, and personnel on the ground using an AI-driven networked sensor system. The Air Force has a similar project, called Golden Horde.


Drone follows a rollercoaster and takes you on a wild ride in this epic video斗牛棋牌app排行娱乐官方

301 Drones for Activism斗牛棋牌app排行检测官方

Climate activists plan to use drones for activism at Heathrow Airport. Also, how the trade war is impacting the drone community, the FAA is issuing more emergency COA’s, the RAAF is working closely with the U.S. Navy on the MQ-4C Triton, a startup is using a drone to generate electricity, an anonymous reporting portal for drone incidents is coming, and a look at the “drone bubble.”


Climate activists plan to use drones to shut down Heathrow Airport next month斗牛棋牌app排行客户端app斗牛棋牌app排行手机注册

UK organization Heathrow Pause says they will fly drones for activism near Heathrow to protest the third runway proposed for the airport. Starting on September 13, 2019, they intend to fly toy drones at up to 6 feet high inside the airport 5km no-fly zone, not within flight paths, and early in the morning when no flights are scheduled. Travelers who may be impacted by this drone activism can read a statement by Heathrow Pause on their website: About the Disruption to Travellers.

Tariffs with a Capital T: How the Trade War with China is Affecting the Drone Community斗牛棋牌app排行线路网址斗牛棋牌app排行官方首页

Tariffs are paid to Customs when certain goods are imported. They are generally baked into the price charged to consumers, like any cost of doing business. How are Chinese drones and replacement parts affected by tariffs, and how are sellers responding?

FAA Requests for Emergency UAS Airspace Authorizations on the Rise斗牛棋牌app排行线路网址斗牛棋牌app排行地址二维码

The number of requests and approvals for emergency COAs are up over last year. In 2018, FAA issued 708 Special Government Interest (SGI) airspace authorizations while through July 2019, more than 600 had been issued by the FAA System Operations Security Directorate to law enforcement for major events like fires and hurricanes.

U.S., Australia work side-by-side on Triton UAS development斗牛棋牌app排行二维码ios斗牛棋牌app排行客户端注册

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has been working with the U.S. Navy’s Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Triton team. The HALE UAV is designed to provide ISR over the ocean and coastal regions. The RAAF has agreed to purchase up to six Triton aircraft and associated Mission Control Stations.

Swiss start-up dreams of powering homes using drones斗牛棋牌app排行登录平台斗牛棋牌app排行

Swiss startup company Skypull wants to use drones to generate electricity from high-altitude winds. The wind generator that can be deployed almost anywhere. A high-lift, low drag “box wing” drone pulls a tether to a drum on the ground that converts the force into electricity.
Video: Skypull promo 2017斗牛棋牌app排行地址客户端.

Altitude Angel launches industry first “just culture” reporting system斗牛棋牌app排行地址二维码斗牛棋牌app排行地址二维码

In Episode 294 we reported that UK company Altitude Angel planned to launch a UTM conflict resolution service as an API. Now Altitude Angel says they’ll launch an anonymous web portal reporting system for drone pilots and operators, similar to that used in manned aviation.

Drone bubble bursts, wiping out startups and hammering VC firms斗牛棋牌app排行榜斗牛棋牌app排行客户端软件

Teal Group says venture capitalists poured $2.6 billion into drones from the beginning of 2012 to June 2019. Now we are seeing startups fold or consolidate. Kay Wackwitz, founder and chief executive officer of research group Drone Industry Insights says, “There was some irrationality around drones, a period of hype driven by the popularity of the hobby sector. We’re getting past that and people are coming back to reality.”


Dronehackers was created to showcase how drones can be used to help solve real-world problems. The project seeks to inspire the next generation of builders, DIY’ers, and creators with something entertaining and educational.

The sizzle reel: Dronehackers – Episode 0 (Sizzle Reel)斗牛棋牌app排行登录平台

The full episode: Dronehackers – Episode 0斗牛棋牌app排行登录地址.

300 It’s Called a Drone斗牛棋牌app排行客户端软件

The Commercial Drone Alliance wants to see regulations for large drones, sUAS are vulnerable to impacts, using AI-enabled drones to identify specific individuals (human and otherwise), drones donated to universities for precision ag, and BVLOS for the UAS Integration Pilot Program.


DON’T SAY ‘DRONES,’ Beg Drone Makers斗牛棋牌app排行地址二维码斗牛棋牌app排行二维码ios

This is the first story we covered, from Episode #1.

Commercial Drone Alliance calls for focus on large UAS in letter to new FAA administrator斗牛棋牌app排行检测官方斗牛棋牌app排行平台ios

The Commercial Drone Alliance sent a letter to the new U.S. chief technology officer and to the new FAA Administrator. The letter notes that the FAA has mostly focused on sUAS and the Alliance wants to see regulators look at large UAS. Lisa Ellman, executive director of the Commercial Drone Alliance and partner at Hogan Lovells, said: “The Commercial Drone Alliance looks forward to working with newly sworn-in FAA Administrator Stephen Dickson and recently confirmed U.S. CTO Michael Kratsios to develop common sense and business-friendly regulations for large UAS.”

Lessons for drone defense from a tennis ball斗牛棋牌app排行首页斗牛棋牌app排行首页

XKCD cartoonist Randall Munroe asked Serena Williams to try and take out a DJI Mavic Pro 2 with a tennis ball. She did. On her third serve, Serena nailed the quadcopter. Consumer drones are not very hardened against impact.

Little Ripper deploys croc-spotting AI drones斗牛棋牌app排行榜斗牛棋牌app排行官方首页

In Episode 287 we talked about Little Ripper drones being used in New South Wales and Queensland to spot sharks. Now the same drone technology is being used to spot crocodiles in Queensland.

Drones that recognize you? Amazon has a patent for that.斗牛棋牌app排行首页官方斗牛棋牌app排行

This article describes two patents granted to Amazon.com: One includes launching unmanned aircraft from freight cars and the other utilizes one or more drones to locate the delivery customer.

In other package delivery news:

Video: Bell Autonomous Pod Transport 70 Achieves First Autonomous Flight斗牛棋牌app排行平台ios

AeroVironment Donates 87 Quantix Drones and AV DSS Ecosystems to 35 U.S. University Agriculture Departments to Advance Drones in Farming斗牛棋牌app排行网址检测斗牛棋牌app排行客户端软件

The AeroVironment 2019 Quantix and AV DSS University Collaboration Project seeks to advance academic research, applications, and crop production practices through the use of UAS and advanced data analytics.

Video: The Next Generation of Quantix & AV DSS斗牛棋牌app排行官方首页

Drones on the farm: Using facial recognition to keep cows healthy斗牛棋牌app排行斗牛棋牌app排行下载地址

An automated drone system that can monitor the health of cattle in the pasture is being developed by a team of professors and student researchers in the UK. Testing is being conducted with 3DR Solo drones modified with a Raspberry Pi. The autonomous drones could identify each animal, determine its location, and measure health information like weight, size, facial features, and physical activity.

FAA OKs Airbus Aerial UAS Operations in North Dakota斗牛棋牌app排行地址二维码斗牛棋牌app排行登录地址

The FAA authorized Airbus Aerial to operate UAS at the Grand Forks, North Dakota, test site under the UAS Integration Pilot Program. Airbus Aerial will use a SenseFly eBee drone to survey power distribution lines, BVLOS. Press release: Airbus Aerial Receives Waiver for Urban BVLOS UAS Flight Operations Over Populated Areas in North Dakota.

GA-ASI Receives FAA No-Chase COA for Unmanned Flights in North Dakota斗牛棋牌app排行客户端软件斗牛棋牌app排行客户端软件

The FAA also granted General Atomics Aeronautical Systems a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA) for BVLOS. They will use a Ground-based Sense and Avoid (GBSAA) system that incorporates the Grand Forks Air Force Base Air Surveillance Radar (ASR) and the L3Harris Technologies VueStation and RangeVue systems. These meet the “see and avoid” requirements over large airspace.


Video of man fishing while dangling from drone under investigation by CASA斗牛棋牌app排行榜

The man posted a video on social media showing him fishing, drinking beer, and even catching a fish. Now the Civil Aviation Safety Authority is investigating.

Your new best travel buddy is this autonomous suitcase that’s always by your side斗牛棋牌app排行手机注册

“Self-driving technology allows the Ovis Suitcase to follow alongside its owner, while computer vision tech lets it see and avoid obstacles.” Ovis is equipped with GPS location tracker, smart alarm, embedded weight sensor, TSA-approved digital lock and removable airline-compliant LiPo battery that doubles as a charging station.

Video: Introducing Ovis by FowardX, the World’s First Vision-Powered Side-Follow Suitcase斗牛棋牌app排行客户端注册

299 Aeronautical Knowledge Test斗牛棋牌app排行登录地址

An update on the aeronautical knowledge test for recreational drone pilots, UPS plans for medical deliveries, a drone field technician college degree, a waiver for drone flights over people, opinions on drone strikes on airliners, environmental BVLOS missions, and a message from the FAA on drones and dangerous weapons.


Recreational Drone Flyer Test Coming Soon斗牛棋牌app排行平台ios斗牛棋牌app排行线路网址

FAA seeks third parties to administer online recreational drone tests斗牛棋牌app排行手机注册斗牛棋牌app排行手机安卓

The FAA wants to outsource the administration of the aeronautical knowledge test for recreational drone pilots mandated by Section 349 of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018. The agency has posted a request for information and seeks responses from commercial, non-profit, or academic entities that would serve as test designees. The FAA said it won’t pay test designees and is “agnostic as to the business model” they choose to administer the test. Replies are due by September 12, 2019.

UPS details drone plans in federal exemption request斗牛棋牌app排行斗牛棋牌app排行二维码ios

Since March 2019, UPS Flight Forward and partner Matternet have been transporting blood and medical samples by drone for WakeMed hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina. Now UPS wants to expand this service to other areas in the U.S.

Atlantic Cape debuts new degree in drones this fall斗牛棋牌app排行手机安卓斗牛棋牌app排行线路网址

Atlantic Cape Community College in New Jersey is offering an associate degree in applied science with a concentration in sUAS (Drones) Field Technician. The college says “Upon successful completion of the program students will demonstrate basic proficiency in the area of small UAS operations, general maintenance and repair, the use of a small UAS for the collection of and pre and post-processing of aerial images and videos, and geospatial data collection.”

Fast Food Delivery Drone Being Developed in Syracuse, N.Y.斗牛棋牌app排行客户端app斗牛棋牌app排行

Flytrex has received a waiver from the FAA to fly over people, specifically over a highway in Holly Springs, North Carolina as part of a three-year test project. Flytrex wants to deliver food over a single route from a shopping center with 15 restaurants to customers at a nearby public park and sports complex.

NUAIR (the Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research alliance) tested the Flytrex drone (a DJI Matrice 600 Pro) and parachute (from Drone Rescue Systems of Austria) in a series of 45 different failure tests at Griffiss International Airport.

Are Drone-Aircraft Collisions A Real Threat To Airline Passengers and Crews?斗牛棋牌app排行检测官方斗牛棋牌app排行首页

The author observed a drone out the window of a commercial flight out of Newark Airport. The seatback in-flight map showed an altitude of 2,800 feet and a ground speed of 230 MPH. He offers some suggestions for the flying public, legislators, and drone manufacturers.

Aeromapper Talon Amphibious fly BVLOS missions over marine reserve for illegal fishing detection and biodiversity research斗牛棋牌app排行登录平台斗牛棋牌app排行客户端软件

Two Amphibian Aeromapper Talon drones were used in trials in Belize to detect and document illegal fishing activities and perform conservation research. The waterproof drones can land on water. Twenty-four BVLOS flights were successfully flown during the trials. Current enforcement involves patrols around the atoll in small boats.

Video: Commercial grade amphibian fixed-wing drone斗牛棋牌app排行首页

Drones and Weapons, A Dangerous Mix斗牛棋牌app排行平台ios斗牛棋牌app排行官方

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is warning the general public that operating a drone with a dangerous weapon attached is a violation of Section 363 of the 2018 FAA Reauthorization Act enacted Oct. 5, 2018. Operators are subject to civil penalties up to $25,000 for each violation unless the operator has received specific authorization from the Administrator of the FAA to conduct the operation. “Dangerous Weapon” means any item that is used for, or is readily capable of, causing death or serious bodily injury. Operators are subject to civil penalties up to $25,000 for each violation.

298 High Altitude Pseudo Satellite斗牛棋牌app排行二维码ios

HAPSMobile plans to fly a High Altitude Pseudo Satellite (HAPS) over Hawaii, Amazon petitions for drone delivery exemptions, NASA plans to test UAS traffic management in Texas, researchers find that drones are better than people studying whales, a female drone pilot seeks to encourage women, and drones that provide medical assistance.


FAA Approves Solar Drone Flights Over Hawaiian Island斗牛棋牌app排行线路网址斗牛棋牌app排行首页官方

Japanese drone company HAPSMobile has a waiver to fly a solar-powered UAV over Lanai. The HAWK30 will act as a stratospheric telecommunications platform – a High Altitude Platform Station, also called a High Altitude Pseudo Satellite. The project is a collaboration between HAPSMobile, the University of Hawaii, and the Pan-Pacific UAS Test Range Complex which is managed by the University of Alaska Fairbanks. AeroVironment is HAPSMobile’s aircraft development partner for the HAWK30.

In related news, see HAPSMobile Working Together with Facebook to Accelerate the Adoption of HAPS.

Amazon requests FAA approval of delivery-drone plans斗牛棋牌app排行斗牛棋牌app排行二维码ios

Amazon has filed a 29-page petition with the FAA requesting approval to use their MK27 delivery drone before getting a certificate of airworthiness. Amazon would like to fly BVLOS and they ask for exemptions from certain aviation regulations that are more applicable to manned aircraft. The petition says delivery drones will fly autonomously but with one operator for each drone in flight. Eventually, Amazon would like to have one operator for multiple drones “subject to FAA approval based on flights and simulations that demonstrate required levels of safety.”
The FAA will take public comments on the petition until August 28, 2019. See Petition for Exemption; Summary of Petition Received; Amazon Prime Air斗牛棋牌app排行检测官方in the Federal Register.

NASA drone testing schedule in Corpus Christi: What you need to know斗牛棋牌app排行登录地址斗牛棋牌app排行手机安卓

NASA selected the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s Lone Star UAS Center of Excellence & Innovation as a nationwide drone testing site. Testing will focus on urban UAS traffic management and they plan to close or restrict access to several downtown streets.

Tests show multi-rotor UAVs can improve cetacean behavioral studies斗牛棋牌app排行平台ios斗牛棋牌app排行首页

New Zealand researchers found that small, multi-rotor UAVs are better than expert observers on research vessels. When it comes to surveying and studying humpback whales, the drones captured some social activities not detected by the observer and there was no observable effect on the whales’ behavior. See Insights into the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to investigate the behavior of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) in Vava’u, Kingdom of Tonga.

Introducing Derbyshire Police’s First Female Drone Pilot斗牛棋牌app排行斗牛棋牌app排行

Victoria Atherton, Derbyshire Police’s first female drone pilot, has said she wants to inspire others and fight crime. She was recently deployed to a damaged dam that forced the evacuation of about 1,500 residents. She commented: “Personally, I think the best way to encourage women to get involved is to support each other. The future of aviation appears to be heading in the direction of unmanned aircraft and it’s important that men and women are equally represented in this field.” Also, “It’s an achievement to be labeled the first, however, I think it’s more important to ensure that I am not the last.”

Drones, smartphones and sensors could provide a new solution to elderly falls斗牛棋牌app排行手机安卓斗牛棋牌app排行检测官方

Researchers from Baghdad’s Middle Technical University and the University of South Australia have designed a system to remotely monitor elderly people. It detects heart rate and temperature abnormalities and provides urgent first aid via a drone if a fall occurs.


DARPA video shows autonomous drones swarming a building斗牛棋牌app排行官方首页斗牛棋牌app排行地址客户端

The demonstration took place under the agency’s OFFensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics (OFFSET) program, which “envisions future small-unit infantry forces using swarms comprising upwards of 250 unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) and/or unmanned ground systems (UGSs) to accomplish diverse missions in complex urban environments.”

Video: Teams Test Swarm Autonomy in Second Major OFFSET Field Experiment斗牛棋牌app排行手机安卓

297 Nano Drones, Swarms, and AI斗牛棋牌app排行登录地址

A drone crash halts Swiss package delivery, AI used to detect drone faults and locate/track other drones, swarming nano-drones, mesh networked drones for precision agriculture, a drone mesh for event security, UAS for airport and public safety, and the reliability of drone sightings from aircraft.


Swiss drone crashes near children, forcing suspension of delivery program斗牛棋牌app排行网址检测斗牛棋牌app排行官方

In May, a 22-pound Swiss Post drone crashed 50 yards away from a group of children. As a result, the drone delivery program in Switzerland has been suspended indefinitely. Swiss Post has asked Matternet to make several changes to the system: parachutes connected to the UAV by two ropes instead of one, ropes reinforced with metal braiding, and a louder emergency landing whistle.

Fault Diagnosis of Drone Propellers Using AI斗牛棋牌app排行娱乐官方斗牛棋牌app排行榜

Propeller defects in drones can cause them to fall from the sky and researchers have used different methods to perform fault diagnosis. But a new study by Italian researchers takes a different approach and focuses on measuring the noise emitted by the drone. Different noise patterns are used to build an artificial intelligence (AI) model that detects unbalanced blades in a UAV propeller. See Fault Diagnosis for UAV Blades Using Artificial Neural Network.

Drones Chasing Drones Using Deep Learning and AI斗牛棋牌app排行首页官方斗牛棋牌app排行检测官方

A Canadian study proposes target-detection and target-following using AI techniques for UAV pursuit-evasion. Deep reinforcement learning predicts the actions to apply to the follower UAV to keep track of the target UAV. A deep object detector and a search area proposal predict the position of the target UAV for tracking purposes. The proposed framework uses vision data. See Drones Chasing Drones: Reinforcement Learning and Deep Search Area Proposal.

The amazing world of nano drones斗牛棋牌app排行地址客户端斗牛棋牌app排行官方首页

Nano drones have been studies for several years. Draper Lab’s DragonflEye drone project was announced in 2017. A real dragonfly wears a tiny backpack fitted with electronics, sensors, and a solar cell. AeroVironment has been working on a nano-hummingbird since 2011. The market for the nano drones alone is expected to reach $13.4 billion by 2023.

If one drone isn’t enough, try a drone swarm斗牛棋牌app排行平台ios斗牛棋牌app排行地址客户端

Drones are being used for precision agriculture, but there are shortcomings with one drone and a big farm. Many battery changes may be required and the survey could take a lot of time. The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment and Rajant Corporation in the US are working on a drone swarming approach with decentralized communications, self-organizing drones, and little human supervision. The technology uses Rajant’s “Kinetic Mesh®” radio technology and “foreign function interface” distributed computing software.

Atlas Multi-Drone System Used by Rio Military Police to Secure Soccer Tournament斗牛棋牌app排行客户端注册斗牛棋牌app排行登录地址

Atlas Dynamics partnered with the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro State to use the AtlasPRO  at the Copa America soccer (football) tournament. The AtlasPRO was flown in single and multi-UAS missions along the perimeter of the stadium during the tournament’s final series. Data was gathered on public safety hazards and to facilitate emergency response. This was the first time the Atlas mesh multi-drone UAS technology was approved for use at a major sporting event. The mesh multi-node communication capability allows a single operator to command and control a drone network from a unified ground control system. The operator can divide missions among several UAS and maintain constant “eyes in the sky” using autonomous hot-swap capabilities.

Report: Data Management a Challenge for Public Safety UAS Programs斗牛棋牌app排行手机注册斗牛棋牌app排行手机安卓

Droneresponders has released the 2019 Mid-Year Public Safety UAS Report. Three out of four public safety agencies say they are already either operating drones or working on implementing a drone program. More than 80% of public safety UAS operators either have obtained or are pursuing, their FAA Part 107 certification. 82% of public safety agencies with a UAS program are operating multi-rotor systems, while only 11% are using fixed- or delta-wing drones. Over 35% of public safety UAS programs are using the FAA’s LAANC system for airspace requests.

UAS Used For Part 77 Airport Inspections in Washington斗牛棋牌app排行官方首页斗牛棋牌app排行平台ios

AeroTEC has completed proof-of-concept aerial surveys in Washington State at Sunnyside Municipal Airport (1S5) and Prosser Airport (S40). The AeroTEC system looks for runway obstacles using photogrammetry to meet the requirement of FAA FAR 14 CFR Part 77. See AeroTEC Conducts First UAS Part 77 Survey of Washington State Airports for WSDOT.


Epic Long Range FPV Mountain Surfing – 7km round trip斗牛棋牌app排行二维码ios


Drone Sightings (2014-2018) from the FAA斗牛棋牌app排行地址二维码 from Rupprecht Law.

296 Bio-inspired Drones斗牛棋牌app排行

Bio-inspired drones are getting attention, a general contractor receives a waiver for flights over people with a parachute-equipped drone, six Israeli drone companies, a drone-mounted flamethrower, BVLOS critical infrastructure inspection, and an online drone survey.


Forget props and fixed wings. New bio-inspired drones mimic birds, bats and bugs斗牛棋牌app排行榜斗牛棋牌app排行地址客户端

Bio-inspired drones are being investigated by a number of researchers. A Northeastern University roboticist is working on a bat-inspired robot called Bat Bot. Animal Dynamics of Oxford, England, is working with the United Kingdom’s Defense Science and Technology Laboratory to build a dragonfly-like drone called Skeeter. Harvard University researchers are working on RoboBee which weighs less than a paper clip and features two pairs of solar-powered wings controlled by artificial muscles.

Video: Advanced Robotic Bat Can Fly Like the Real Thing斗牛棋牌app排行官方

ParaZero Client Gets FAA Waiver for UAV Flights Over People斗牛棋牌app排行平台ios斗牛棋牌app排行官方

ParaZero Technologies Ltd announced the FAA has approved a waiver for flights over people to Hensel Phelps, a large general contractor. Hensel Phelps will use ParaZero’s ASTM F3322-18 compliant SafeAir Phantom Parachute System. The system monitors flight parameters for anomalies and when critical failures are identified, the rotors are stopped and the parachute is deployed. According to the FAA, this process is scalable and available to other applicants who propose to use the same drone and parachute combination. The FAA will require each applicant to provide the testing, documentation, and statement of compliance listed in ASTM 3322-18 in their applications using the same drone and parachute combination. ASTM 3322-18 is the Standard Specification for Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Parachutes.

From Apple Picking to Security Details: 6 Israeli Companies Developing Specialized Drones斗牛棋牌app排行网址检测斗牛棋牌app排行客户端app

This article describes six Israeli drone companies:

  • The Tevel Aerobotics Technologies Ltd. autonomous drone has a one-meter long mechanical claw which can pick apples and oranges.
  • Flytrex Aviation Ltd. has a cellular data communication module allowing operators to remotely control any drone using a mobile app.
  • SkyX Ltd. modifies commercially available drones to become agricultural spraying machines.
  • Construction tech startup Civdrone Ltd. turns commercially available drones into land surveying, measuring, and marking machines for construction sites.
  • Airobotics Ltd. develops automatic drones for security details and land surveys at factories, refineries, and mining sites.
  • Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) has a “suicide drone” called Rotem that uses a grenade to attack targets in combat situations.

How can a Flamethrower on a Drone be Utilized by Commercial UAS Operators?斗牛棋牌app排行客户端软件斗牛棋牌app排行二维码ios

Flamethrower manufacturer Throwflame is now selling a drone-attachable flamethrower, the TF-19 Wasp, available for personal and commercial use such as controlling weeds, ground-clearing, ice and snow melting/clearing, and grassland management.

Soaring Eagle Imaging Performs 51 Mile BVLOS Utility Inspection斗牛棋牌app排行斗牛棋牌app排行检测官方

Soaring Eagle Imaging (SEI) utilizes unmanned technology in inspection applications for enterprise clients. They have been granted 17 emergency BVLOS waivers in the past and helped with critical infrastructure inspection near Baton Rouge after Hurricane Barry hit Louisiana on July 13th, 2019. SEI is a veteran-owned and operated UAS company that offers drone aerial services, such as image capture, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), aviation and FAA regulations.

Does a drone flying overhead make you uncomfortable? The NCDOT wants to know斗牛棋牌app排行检测官方斗牛棋牌app排行网址检测

The N.C. Department of Transportation wants to gauge public opinion about the growing use of drones and has created an online survey斗牛棋牌app排行线路网址. Please support NCDOT’s efforts and contribute your input.